The 1980's: Countdown to Armageddon

The book that this recording is based on is out of print. Can you imagine? Basically, Hal Lindsey, the author, predicted that the world was going to end in the ’70s. Later, he discovered that he was just upset because he couldn’t do The Hustle, so he amended his thinking to decide that the world was going to end in the 80s. This LP is a lecture he gave in some undisclosed auditorium on the subject (the album has absolutely no credits on it whatsoever).

OK folks, here’s what’s going to happen in a nutshell: the Jews have their homeland, and the Arabs are trying to kick them out [supposedly it says this in the end times prophecies. I’m not a biblical expert, so I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on there]. Russia is going to invade Israel just because they’re meanies. Some biblical dude predicted that The Neighbor To The North was going to invade…

Hal Lindsey’s droney voice left little for me to sample as he monotonously preached on about how Russia is evil, and the World Council of Churches is the One World Government that’s the “apparatus of the anti-Christ.” Not only is this record a warning of impending doom, but has a political agenda as well!

However, it may be worth the 10 cents I spent on it at a garage sale just to hear the author of such literary masterpieces as The Late Great Planet Earth and Satan Is Alive and Well on Planet Earth nonchalantly mention how another part of the prophecy involves U.F.O.s. Unfortunately, he doesn’t go into much detail, he just mentions them in passing, like “oh yeah, everyone sees UFOs these days, just like Jesus said.”

Here’s an exerpt paraphrasing some Russian guy talking about how Russia’s going to invade Israel, from a prophesy made in the 1800s. (.wav)

UFO’s are part of the prophesy (.wav)

Scientist claim that the world will be destroyed by nuclear war no later than 1999. (.wav)

However, I may need this coffee mug from Hal’s website:
Hal Coffee Mug

That’s the worst example of Positive expectancy I have ever heard of! How about, we expect those gifted with intelligence (albeit extra-terrestrial intelligence) to out wit the dim witted, who’s flame shall not perish!

I remember having this record when I was a kid. Scary stuff. I don’t know why I had it. My sister is 2 years older than me and I suppose that we both thought it would be fun to hear this garbage. I was reminded of it when I saw the President of Pakistan get murdered this last week. Today is Jan. 2 2008. She was wearing puple in her outfit and I remembered a line from this album that the Anti Christ would be of the Middle East and would be wearing puple. Or some thing like that. Anyway I’m glad I found this site. Thanks

Scooter, can you find the page in the book where Hal Lindsey predicted that the world was going to end in the ’70s? I have the book but can’t find it.


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