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From the land of piano key miniskirts, heart-shaped sunglasses, sequined tops, legwarmers and midnight druids, comes ENID, a/k/a Enid Levine. Having had a taste of the big time with a minor 80’s hit (Enid wrote the song “Hi-Fidelity” from the soundtrack of the TV show “Fame”) this is apparently Enid’s stab at even greater glory with a studio record. The results are… revealing.

Consider the following lyrics:

I remember when you were parkin’ cars / Now you think you’re hot stuff playin’ lead guitar (“American Love”)

or these:

Drownin’ in self pity like a circus clown / Whimperin’ and whinin’ / Wake up; the sun in shinin’ / And I can’t like a man who likes to be kicked around (“Kicked Around”)

or even these:

You traded me in for a new model / And trashed the love we had / And you know it makes me sad (“New Model”)

I think we can safely assume that Enid was recently dumped, and dumped for… oh, I don’t know, a model, maybe? But this is also an album of hope, for as Enid herself sings:

You gotta be your own hero / You gotta have something worth fighting for / Go out and find you gotta find your own dream now (“Be Your Own Hero”)

And failing that; there’s always cheap sex:

Night Caller, you sound so fine / Tell me what to do to make you mine / Smokey conversation, gotta let it go / Cause I’m lyin’ here alone / Waitin’ by the phone (“Night Caller”)

Please me, tease me, tie me down / I wanna feel everything / You play the officer–bring me in / Callin’ room service / Send me up some love (“Passion on the Run”)

Musically, here’s an album that covers just about every 80’s music cliché: get ready for overdriven guitars, soaring synths, a healthy dose of Fender Rhodes, and the occasional calypso beat (and/or whipshot.) And if that doesn’t do it for you, there’s always Enid’s hottt (with three T’s) piano key mini-skirt. I have no idea what the druids are all about, though.

If anyone knows anything further about Enid, I’d sure love to hear it.

Listen: Enid Levine – Passion on the Run (3.6Mb, MP3)

I think my favorite is the keyboard skirt because you can almost make out a money shot there. I’d love to play a few double-handed chords on her!

I imagine THIS is what my parents were ripping each others’ clothes off to one fateful evening in the early 80s.

Oh, c’mon, your parents were surely sexier than THAT. They were probs. gettin’ it on to Ashford ‘n Simpson.

Actually, they’re not sexier than that. But it was probably Peaches and Herb, or quite possibly Jonny Mathis, chances are.

if you really want to hear some more of enid go to http://www.littlemaestros.com/site/ and let the music play!

I was Enid’s musical director amd bass player in the 80’s. Her producer taped one of our shows at the Lone Star Cafe and promptly took them to the west coast and hired studio musicians to play our arrangements on the album. Our band included Vinnie Zummo on guitar (played with Joe Jackson and many others, ans Herb Schucher on drums (who has done quite well for himself in Nashville. The album was never promoted (I always assumed it was a contractual necessity and write-off) and we shot one video in Central Park the played for about a week on the fledgling MTV. Sure was fun !

I met Enid in the early 80’s. She performed at Greenstreet Cafe down in Soho a number of times and she was great. Funny, loud, brassy; as New York as anyone could get.

I can still remember a few of her songs. One Night Stand went

“you took your rocket
to the stars
leaving me
an ashtray
with your cigar
and this token
of your love
that I’m holding
in my hand
just a used and worn out
prophylactic from my
one night stand.

Great memories!!

I knew Enid when she was the accompanist for the junior h.s. and Passaic H.S., N.J. choirs. She was about 3 years younger than I, and she was a great talent on the piano and with lyrics. This was in the 60’s and 70’s. She moved to NYC where she continued to write and compose. Bette Midler used to make demos for her and her partner before she became famous. A friend of mine from Passaic continues to see her now and then when she shops at her vitamin shop with her husband. I wish her success and good fortune. She is a wonderful person with the energy of a Bette Midler.

Last saw the unique enid levine singing in a store window in queens ny. The resturant was “the hero hutch”. 1973. Used to accompany her to gigs in the hamptons. A great talent.