Geri Galian - Classicos En Ritmo Classicos en Rito reverse

Here’s a fun album that’s sure to irritate Classical musicians and delight bongo fans. Classical standbys by Debussy and others, arranged with a swingin’ Latin beat. Surprisingly sweet and listenable. I tried looking for some info on Galian, but aside from the occasional listing at used record stores (and this photograph,) he seems to be practically unknown. I have a few other LPs from “Discos Corona,” and they’re almost always a good listen.

Listen: Baile Macabro (Danse Macabre) 2.2Mb MP3

Yes indeed the album is excellent, and I’ve never hear anything about Galian or discos Corona, bot I would love to listen to Ritmo Erotico or Eddie Encinas’ albums, by the way thanks for the link, just found about your site today.

Sii Senooorr!!


How’s it going?,
I’ve been trying to find another Discos Corona LP(better yet a CD)of Alicia Rivera. Actually there’s two I’m trying to find, Debil Mariposa & Mis Canciones De Amor. The no.’s on the LP are DCL 1028-2 & DCL 1029-2 respectively.
If you have any info on where to get these, or any kind of info actually, I would really appreciate it. THANX~

If you want information on Geri Galian, I might be able to provide it as I am his daughter. *smile*


Did your father dance with a person whose last name was Searle? If so what was her first name?



terrific stuff; i used to collect and compile these gems. called the collections “klassiks go tiki” ;-) i believe i got 7-8 vols done. then i stopped cuz i ran outta room. just luv it. btw, harry breuer has a very kewl version of this as well.

There’s now a handful of songs from an EP on emusic:º21-EPs-Collectors-Orchids-In-The-MP3-Download/11489612.html

Geri Galian was an amazing artist! I have all his albums

Hello Maria,

I think we’re related. Your father’s mother was my father’s
sister. Your father was quite a bit older than me, so I
never got to know him well. I do remember he had a little
girl who was about three or four when I as about eight or


Both as an Artist and a drummer, I greatly admire his
playing sensibility. This is one person I truly wished
I could have met. (Entre Nous)

Geri Galian made a Soundie* in 1945. It was titled Tumbando Cana and featured a hot little Latina spitfire called Isabelita. I’ve never seen it – just read about it. I really like your Danse Macabre musical clip above. That’s the kind of Latin American dance music from the 1940s that makes you want to put all kinds of fruit on your head and run around the room screaming “chica chica boom boom!” *Short musical film (like a music video) which was played for a dime on the Mills Panoram located in bars, restaurants, clubs, etc.