Lenny Dee - Dee-liriousLenny Dee - Dee-lirious (back)

Some bouncy high-camp Hammond organ from Lenny Dee, famous for his hit “Plantation Boogie.” Whereas most Hammond organistas stuck to quiet, soothing ballads and slow, stultifying hymns, Lenny made his name with upbeat, sometimes goofy arrangements and swingin’ rhythms. These twelve tunes are are sure to enliven your next roller-rink-themed cocktail soiree. Lots more info on Lenny here and here. And don’t forget to get his autograph!

Listen: Caravan (2Mb)

Excellent! Thanks.

Yes, I agree! Well done.

Thanks for the link, Seb! And looking forward to SP 100.3, Carl.

This is one of my favorites in my collection, for the track you feature here. I’m thinking of doing a compilation mix on my blog of all the different interpretations of Duke Ellington’s “Caravan”. So far, I have 67 different mp3 versions in my “caravanathon” folder.

Hey, wait, “Plantation Boogie” by Red Foley (Decca)?

Super vinyls on organ, if you still has it they is welcome thank you

Lenny is pure AWESOME!

Excellent swinging style like I remeber it when I went to see him at Lenny Dee’s Den in St.Petersburg Fla. in 1972

I have most of Lenny’s 33 rms records. MANY are autographed and most are in excellent condition. The old record players were sometimes pretty hard on records! I’ve converted all of my library into digital music CDs and they sound great.