Marjorie Meinert - Sitting PrettyMarjorie Meinert - Sitting Pretty (back)

Here’s a light, dreamy album packed with a whopping sixteen tracks of organy goodness. Marjorie seems to have been one of the major players of the 60’s organ scene, with at least 7 LPs to her name that I can find online. Here, Marjorie’s playing the Lowrey Organ, which according to Wikipedia was one of the first transistorized organs, and which apparently she was a spokeswoman for. The Lowrey here has a lighter, more etherial quality than the Hammond, and some of the tracks have cool guitar and vibraphone arrangements woven in. A sweet, swingin’ album with a nice upbeat tempo throughout.

Listen: I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles (2Mb MP3)

It was wonderful to hear Marjorie play again! She was from my hometown (Clinton, Iowa), and was one of the original staff of KROS Radio. She went on WOC and WOC-TV in Davenport, Iowa, “where she starred in many musical shows. She toured the country for Wurlitzer and Lowrey Organs, played for the Lincoln Sesquicentennial in Washington, D. C., and performed with Vaughn Monroe, Arthur Godfrey, Lawrence Welk, Kate Smith, and Fred Waring’s Pennsylvanians.” (Source: History of Clinton County, Iowa, 1976, copyright 1978, Clinton County Historical Society). At the time this book was published, Marjorie had recorded “10 singles and 17 albums for major labels, and was the first female to record calliope music.”

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I have few of Majorie’s Album’s with the cover’s If you would like , I have made them into CD’s , JUst give me an address to send them to!!

Marjorie meinert was a great organist. I have “67 Melody Lane” – the TV-films with Ken Griffin made in 1954 for Wurlitzer. There she was guest with Griffin in one of this 5 shows – playing The bumble Bee on a electrostatic Wurlitzer console.

I have some pitchers of marjorie meinert and records and things.