I need a hat like thoseThere are no credits on the album whatsoever–nobody will own up to creating this masterpiece, except for Winston Jones, the “leader.” Which happy, be-ponchoed dude in a colorful silly had is he? Alas, we’ll never know. All we know is that this records contains 12 of our most beloved tunes rendered in none other than– steel drums! Each cut is a voyage of multiculturalism as we hear Caribbean rhythms and sounds bang out “Paris Mambo,” “Spanish Eyes,” “Guantanamera,” and of course, the staple of all records done in the ’60s, Offenbach’s “Barcarolle” from Tales of Hoffman. Crank up this album in the dead of winter when you yearn to be on a golden beach under palm trees with a bunch of guys with brightly-colored maracas emblazoned across their chests smiling at you.

“Barcarolle” from Tales of Hoffman (Offenbach)

Send me a close-up of the album and I’ll let you know which one is my uncle.

I think he is back row in the middle. I haven’t seen this album in decades. I’m glad you enjoy it.

More on The Original Trinidad Steel Band:

Nah definitely not middle back. Winston is a short guy and always had a beard when I knew him back in 1977. The bad was called The Original Tropicana Steel Band by then with Robert Awai on lead guitar. They used to jam in a pb on the Euston Road in London and on one memorable occasion three members of the Sanana band turned up to play with them