From Finland With LoveThis trio of fine Finnish ladies’ talent is as big as their hair. Why, Maire Tammenlasko (accordionist) also wrote two of the songs on this record (including “Kapakkalaulajatar” or “Cabaret Singer”) and did most of the arrangements. Hannele Lehtonen is the Geddy Lee of the trio, playing bass guitar and singing. Amelita Tammela studied classical cello and piano, but now (or at least in 1974), bangs the drums slowly. These nordic chicks have played in the leading hotels and night clubs throughout Finland, according to the liner notes… and offer “this album to you for your listening and dancing pleasure.”

So put on your Finnish dancing shoes, because we now bring you:

Hei Lumpun Lumpun


Both of the above are Finnish Folk Songs; don’t ask me how to pronounce them or what they mean. However, they both have an insidious way of getting stuck in your head, even if you don’t know a word of Finnish.

Nice one! It’s actually TuRuttaret as for women who are from the city of Turku. The first song makes no sense with it’s lyrics, just babbling about this and that (lumppu meaning rags) and the second is about who sleeps with who, and dancing: “Kyllä muakin sitte hyppelemään vietäis jos ne tietäis ett mull on lehmä” …They would take me jumping if they knew I have a cow”…

That’s awesome. Thanks for the translation!

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