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I don’t know about you, but the mere fact that Klausie’s last name sounds like “Wonderful” is enough to make this record one of my favorites. And, are there any sweeter words in the German tongue than “Hammondorgel mit Rhythmusgruppe”?! I think not. Some great tracks here; an upbeat version of “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess, the old standard “The Girl From Ipanema” in organ form, and the surprisingly haunting original composition “Echo In The Night.” (Now, if I could only track down a copy of “Organ Happening”…) Enjoy!

Listen: Summertime (2.6Mb MP3)

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Greetings! Yours blog the most favourite! Always excellent music! You the magnificent music fan. Wunderlich the fine organist! But please do not forget about Lenny Dee and Kenn Griffin….Pleaseeeeee!

That Summertime track is sampled on an Ursual 1000 album (All Systems A Go-Go)

I’m not surprised; it’s a pretty sweet track.  It’s also in a Solex song, “Look… No Fingerprints!” on “Low Kick & Hard Bop”.

Thanks a lot. I collect all records of Klaus Wunderlich that I can rach. I love the sound of the hammond and KW is one of the great players.
Saludos y gracias.

Hi there!

Great stuff here! Klaus is one of my favorites. Too bad that no one published the original LPs from him on CD. You can only find them in great blogs like this one!

Thanks and keep up the good work!


You can order CDs direct from Klaus’ website (not the one I posted, though.)


Killer Summertime.
Just think the organ if the track was about 9 minutes.

I have his complete collection on computer, if you would like any of his recordings, please just ask. I send them via MSN messenger!! Or if you wish I use soulseek with the name smosner!

Thanks, but I hope that people will also consider supporting Klaus by buying CDs from his site.

I would like to swap albums with other people until my collection is complete. Are you interested?

Does anyone have the year this was recorded? Great organ music and my thanks to the staff for getting this one up on the site. Merry Christmas to all (and to all a Goodnight!)

This album has changed my life!

All Wunderlich albums are excellent. I am looking for “Keys for Lovers” and “Tribute to Lennon and McCartney” AKA “I want to hold your Hand” Does anyone have these CD’s for sale?

Hea muusika

I am trying to obtain a cd replacement for a lost vinyl. It was 2 album package and tunes included Red Roses for a blue lasy, amaroda, San Francisco and up up and away. Can anyone help with the Title
Klaus Wunderlich

That’s a great story. Waiting for more.

“Thanks, but I hope that people will also consider supporting Klaus by buying CDs from his site.”

What’s there to support? He’s dead!

No way! I didn’t know that. Well, maybe he has a widow or something who could use the cash.

If any person wants some more of Klaus on deleted vinyl…I have them all just ask and I’ll send.Telefunken gave him a hard time at the end after many many years of good sales and service and now the tenth aniversary year of his death I thought they would have re-issued a box set.Please support the new CD sales which are available.

Mind renewing the share? Am a Klaus fan since I found him. In the same vein the Dutch organist Cor Stein was pretty famous. Many of his records can be found on flee markets and such.

And not to forget the Brazilian Walter Wanderley!

Looking for disk of In “The Miller MOOD”No compilations thanks.Not yet

John, do you have the LPs “Hammond Spezialitaeten zum Tanzen”, or “Hammond Concerto”, “Les Grands Success du Quebec, Vol.1”, “Kellerparty”, “Wunderlich Pops International, vol 2 and vol 2”, “Wersitime 2”, “Orgel spielen mit Klaus”, “The sensational Organ Sound of Klaus Wunderlich”, “Wunderlich Variations – Sound Variationen mit Hertz”? These are the ones still missing from my collection!

Don Thomasa, I should be able to do that.

Hi Sue P,
I think, you are talking about “Around the World with Klaus Wunderlich”.
It seems to be fully included in the new CD “Up, up and Away” (Bell Records).
Kind regards

Hi Stephen Mosner,
would you have any of the Albums listed before?
Kind regards,

Hi! Just downloaded “Summertime” and cleaned it up a little bit ;-) The sound is not too good, right…?

Where can I reach you? I’d like to let you hear how my version sounds, maybe you’d like to post the cleaned version then. But I can’t find any email address!

Greetings and oh yes, I also have some 50s/60s Wunderlich LPs, converted to CD.

Bachus, Yes I do All the ones you mentioned e-mail me and I’ll make you a happy bunny

Bachus, e-mail me and i’ll send them to you and the latest release regards John

My Grandma has sadly died & we are trying to find a song for her funeral. We’ve leanrt that she loved a Klaus Wunderlich track the title of which we are a little vague but something like “how wonderful to know” – can anyone help further (i.e. by giving us the correct title & CD name which we can purchase.)

Time’s not on our side so any info. would be very grateful.

Many thanks.

I am looking for a Klaus Wunderlich album my dad used to have.
I can only remember the cover of the cassette, which portrays him on the organ with a blue background, it’s not Keys for Christmas.
Can anyone help me……;)

If you want CD copies of Klaus Wunderlich original LPs…mostly all excepting the Hammond Pops series and the like, they can be obtained from >www.organ.co.uk< The company, MSS STUDIOS, do a very fast and reliable Mail Order service to any Country.

Hi Guys,

Im looking to sell my Klaus Vinyl to another collector, and i do have quite a few, so if anyone is interested or knows someone who may be, can you pass my email on please.

Many Many Thanks

its this incredible sound which makes him unique. I wish I could here this live

I have a lot of Klaus,s recordings, for sale.Please phone
01708 739529 for further details.

Hello John,

I saw your comments about you’d be willing to make people happy :)

Being a great fan of Klaus Wunderlich since 1974, hearing him on my brothers cassette player, I have since the 90’s bought many CD’s and LP’s from different sources, like 1st Organ and Gemm. What I found is that the LP quality, even when a LP is said to be close to NM, has a lot of noise and disturbances. I have tried transferes to computer, but the
results in most cases are low quality compared to the original release, even compared to cassette.

Could you please send me an email and perhaps give me some samples from your conversions of the Hammond Pops and/or Wunderlich Pops series (melodies not to be found on CD), so that I could compare them with mine.

If they’re better, I’ll pay you good money for all you can deliver, and perhaps I have some rare ones myself for your interest. Contact me at ajstroe@online.no

Kind Regards

hello guys

if you are looking for klaus wunderlich files you can take a look on downloadproggie soulseek.lots of klaus wunderlich there.
good luck