Myrna March - EXPLOSIVE Vocal Percussion

I’m not sure what to say about this, except that “vocal percussion” means Myrna periodically yelling things out of the left speaker (things like, “MEN!”) She sounds a little bit like Judy Garland, and the songs are super-catchy, and if this doesn’t make you smile, I fear for your mortal soul. Between that and her gold-lamé outfit; I think this may be the gayest album I own.

Myrna March - EXPLOSIVE Vocal Percussion (back)

Couldn’t find much about her musical career, but I did find this twelve-year-old New York Times article about Myrna’s battle with cancer. I sure hope she made it, ’cause she sounds like a fun lady.

Listen: Majorca

Download: 38Mb

Such a fun album. Maybe not explosive. Definitely entertaining. Good voice. Never heard of her before.

The erstwhile Ms. March, and not without merit, claims to owe much of her career to GIANT, SWINGING BRESST-BOSSUMS. The less-than-erstwhile New York Times dutifully reported to the world the dimensions of these exalted mounds. Strand Records was a budget jazz label with some very interesting stuff on it, but this LP is just a sound-on-sound (erstwhile) oddity. If nothing else, listen to the LP while staring at the giant, natural BOSSUMS.

“Explosive Vocal Percussion” is one of a kind, which may be just as well. Myrna also released an album called “The Night They Raided Myrna’s” on Kapp Records (KS-3603), about which I can find no information, and at least two singles on Roulette, one of which is cover of the Lieber-Stoller song “I Keep Forgettin'” (made semi-famous by Chuck Jackson). Other than that and The New York Times breast-cancer article, I have been able to find no other information on this obscure but fascinating songbird.

[…] Sebastian alerted me that the download link for Myrna March’s fabulous EXPLOSIVE VOCAL PERCUSSION no longer works. Fear not– the file has been restored. I don’t think that I could possibly describe this album any better than Litlgrey did the first time I posted it: […]

Hope she never took the meds for her Tourette’s, the uninhibited ejaculations seem to be such a big part of the act.

What a pity ! The link seems to be dead !
I’d like to listen to your favorite.
Is a re-post possible ?
Thanks a lot

We NEED this back! Most kindly request you bless the public with a repost

i’d really like to thank you for this – even though i didn’t download the album here but only some half year ago at slsk. but myrna march’s become one of my favourites over the last months. sadly she didn’t make it according to the wesite of her widower.
i hope it’s okay for you that i posted one of her songs from this album at my blog.

Thanks more than I can say for reposting this. You deserve all blessings!

Very interesting. Love to her family.

“Explosive Vocal Percussion” was a reissue of an earlier mid-50s LP Miss March made as “Myrna Fox” (“Mmmm… Myrna”) on the Liberty label. “The Night They Raided Myrna’s” should be required for every drag queen to own!

[…] imitating a squeaky door we find the amazing Myrna. Some of the links to Myrna’s masterwork Explosive Vocal Percussion are dead (Jaykayess? a public service, please re-up?) but the comments are so apropos (and […]

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