When I hear the name “Spiro Agnew,” the first thing that comes to mind is the fact it’s an anagram for “grow a penis.” Thus said, aside from the fact that he was the VP under Nixon, I know absolutely nothing about the man.

Now, with this record, I got a small glimpse into the heart and soul of the man himself. I got a glimpse, and it’s a dark, sinister place. In this record (the collector’s edition, I suppose to distinguish it from the regular, mainstream edition), we get to hear speeches about how everyone but the Republican Party sucks, and how everyone’s crazy and on drugs except for our noble leaders, all wrapped up in a nice little really boring package.

Public speaking wasn’t one of Spiro’s strong points, if you go by these recordings. He sputters and hesitates in odd places. The audience, however, ranges from seeming politely amused to whooping (yes, someone actually yells “YEEE HAW!” at one point) and cheering. However, the most enthusiastic person on this record is the uncredited announcer. The announcer serves as kind of a Spiro cheerleader, just in case you couldn’t follow what the VP was saying, since his speeches are layered with obtuse, wordy rhetoric and convoluted sentence structures.

Occasionally Spiro will lash out at someone, or more likely a faceless entity, like Democrats, hippies, Communists, or dissenters in general. I think the only time delivers a personal dis is to former President Johnson. Oh snap! Basically, he comes across as being pretty full of hatred, and blanketly labels dissenters as un-patriotic. Hmm. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The ironic thing is, he disses all the people who have a negative view of America, and who can only see its bad points. Hmmm, pot, kettle what now?
What’s scary about this is how relevant this record is today. When Mr. Agnew talks about people being against the Vietnam War and insinuates how they are all unpatriotic spoiled brats, he could be speaking about the Iraq situation today. Don’t forget to listen to the cut where he gets to demonstrate his wit! I have no idea what he’s talking about, but apparently it’s funny.

Tv critics suck

Asian Policy

“Some Examples of the Vice President’s Wit”

Damn hippies

The existence of ANY discussion of Spiro Agnew reveals the dual nature of Richard Nixon – brilliant in some respects, a bonehead in others (such as his decision to put Agnew on the ’68 and ’72 tickets). By this time, Agnew himself only resonates in discussions of Dick Cavett, Dave Barry, and the Reduced Shakespeare Company (see the http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=61035679&blogID=177522639 URL).

Compare Agnew to the Vice Presidents who served since – Rockefeller, Mondale, Bush, Quayle, Gore, and Cheney were, in my view, all qualified to assume the presidency (I realize that some will disagree with my inclusion of Quayle in the list). What would have happened if Agnew’s shady dealings hadn’t been discovered until AFTER Nixon resigned? I shudder to think of the consequences. (Needless to say, I’m a Ford partisan also.)

Hey, that seems like a fantastic record! I was never too sure who Spiro Agnew was. I heard the name growing up, and recently head his name mentioned in a few Gil Scott-Heron records.

i think that everyone have a fear of public speaking in one way or another “”*

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Spiro T. Agnew performed a great service to America and Alaska in 1973 by voting for the permit to build the trans alaska pipeline. As vice – president he cast the tie breaking vote to build the pipeline god bless him.

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