Your attention please. I am thy captain. The flight thou art making today is the same which Abraham, Moses, John, Peter, Paul, and all of those redeemed before have made. Enoch and Elijah joined us in mid-flight, without passing through the Gate of Death. We shall be flying today at altitudes unlimited and at a speed never known to thee before. Flying time to the New Jerusalem is not considered, for thou are now in the realm known as Eternity, where Time is no more. As we left the Earth, the weather was stormy with heavy overcast, but the report from the New Jerusalem is, as it always will be, a beautiful day without a cloud.

For those who wonder what it would be like if God ran His own airline offering direct flights to the Afterlife, this record provides a “dramatic comparison.” Passengers need merely have their ticket stamped with the blood of Christ before making their way down the blood spattered sprinkled concourse to the Gate of Death. Your seatbelt is Psalm 23. No meals will be served on this flight, as you’re about to gorge yourself at the Great Banquet Table upon arrival (also, one assumes, because you are dead.) So pack your bags and let’s jet away from this moral coil! But don’t bother bringing your Earthly burdens, as these have recently been banned by the TSA.


This record was listed at Show&Tell for a long time, but now seems to have disappeared. Recently it sold on eBay for over $20. So, I figure now is a good time to release its full glory to the sharity world.

Excerpt: Your stewardess, the Angel of Mercy 288Kb MP3
Download: 2 tracks + Artwork 28Mb ZIP

Just found one at a record store in Itaewon in Seoul. Thanks for the info.

Thank you for putting this on the internet. I have tried many times to find “Flight F-I-N-A-L”, and kept getting air crash investigation!

I want to add this to a web page I am creating on what the scripture says about after we die John 14:2-3.

There is a copy of Flight Final available on eBay right now.


I recently just found this in playable condition at a thrift store in PA. Just curious if there’s any record on the web about how many of these were pressed/sold?

There is another on eBay now!

I got this in not-bad condition for about $3 at a used record store in Rhode Island. No idea it had actual value, but it’s too funny to let go of!

A friend of mine got me this while he was in Canada as a birthday gift.

Forgot to mention the record itself is in near mint condition.

My grandpa is Ted Conner! 8-) the man on the far left of the picture!

My dad is Dr. Harry Russell! He’s the man on the far right of the picture. He went on to be Division Chairman of the Speech Dept. at Mid America Nazarene Univ. until he retired a few years back. He now keeps himself busy teaching Sunday School and also teaching off/on at College of the Ozarks in Branson, Mo. On a side note: He is an instrument rated pilot… but not on Flight Final; yet… just kidding, dad :]

I am Harry Russell, the person on the far right in the picture. I was the record’s producer with responsibility for casting and rehearsing the speaking and choir parts. Mine is the voice speaking over the supposed intercom in the “Terminal of Life.” At last record, Rev. McCullough reported that 750,000 copies had been pressed. It is likely that, by now, over 1,000,000 have been pressed and sold.

I came to know Jesus shortly before I was introduced to this – WOW, I have been turned on ever since to Bible prophecy and looking foward to that day – since 1970 at the age of 12!
Thank you for keeping this one alive!

I knew Forrest McCullough personally when I was a kid, I am now 63. He would come to our Nazarene Church to hold revivals.
He was a great evangelist of his day. I bought and still have a copy of Flight Final I bought from him during one of those revivals.

I grew up listening to this album. I am still moved by the story. Thank you for this website.

Back in the 1960’s, I traveled with a Southern Gospel Quartet. When Flight Final was introduced in our area, our group started selling it. We sold hundreds of this long-play album. This Flight Final Project should be released again, Right Now, in the day that we are living. It would be right on target. Cliff Chamblin

Forrest McCullough was the best as far as I am concerned. He was a wonderful man, I was saved during one of his meeting in Houston in 1968. I would love to hug his neck one more time on this side of heaven.

First heard this played on WPCS FM, Pensacola, FL in mid-70s. Very nice allegory.

would like to get copy

There is a brand new cassette on ebay right now.

I do hope Flight F-I-N-A-L will be on DVD soon. I need such a copy.

Rev. McCullough held revivals in my home church in Indianapolis when I was a kid. My mom still has the album Flight FINAL ~ and the part I remember the most is the choir singing the Hallejah chorus at the end. WOW! Thanks for this site and for the memories!!

As a young boy I grew up listening to FLIGHT FINAL, but can’t find the album anywhere. Where can I purchase one?

I would like to know what became of Rev. Forrest McCullough? Can anyone tell me if he is still living? It has been nearly half a century since his “Flight Final” appeared. My wife still treasures the memory of listening to it as a girl.

I am a Nazarene minister and grew up in the church. Flight Final was a very effective evangelistic tool. I was always moved whenever I listen to it. Sadly, Forrest McCullough, for reasons known only to God, took his own life in the 70’s.

I know the owner of this site meant to mock Flight Final, but in reading the positive comments from very sincere Christians, I pray it will be viewed with the respect it deserves. God Bless.

I, too, knew Rev. Forrest McCullough through revivals at my home church and campmeeting during the 60’s. It was during this time “Flight Final” came into my life. “Bro.” McCullough was one of the most dedicated, humble Christians I’ve ever known. As I understand, he took his life after being hospitalized due to a severe emotional breakdown. I always felt this breakdown was because of the tremendous spiritual burden he bore for those to whom he preached. In my eyes, he will always remain one of the “giants of the faith” it’s been my privilege to know.

Unpleasant? Only to those who have no hope in Jesus!

The first time I saw flight final it left a lasting impression on me. I never forgton the feeling I had listening to it. I would like to get it again, so that I can show it to my other believing friends, and young people.

I spent my entire life searching for this amazing allegory. At last I’ve found it. It’s still relavant today, why don’t someone publish it?

[…] his glimpse of heaven. I think this record is as astonishing (if not as polished) as the legendary Flight F-I-N-A-L but is not nearly as well known. The cover artwork alone is worth the price of […]

I’ve had two copies of Flight Final since before 1981. I will consider selling one.

Years ago I created a hoge poge collection of color slides to create a “slide presentation” to go along with the recorded message. I have always appreciated this record. Whenever I hear some of the hymns they bring back good memories of the record. I was hoping their might be a dvd or cassette available of same to play for my grandchildren.

My mom use to play this record when I was a little girl. I grew up listening to it. It doesn’t bother me at all. In fact it is a record I have grew to cherish. It makes me think of meeting my savior! Wow! What a Day that will be! If someone thinks this record gives them the creeps, it is only because they are not ready to meet their maker – Jesus. This is only what This record is talking about. Myself I look forward to this. I hadn’t thought about this record for years after I married. Yet, after My Father just died about 2 years ago, I found myself singing songs from this record [Going home, Going home, where I never rome… I see the lights of a city so bright, my home, sweet home. I woke up in the middle of the night with these songs tears streaming down my face; because I knew my dad was soon to leave this earth. I also knew he was going to to be with Jesus and that comforted me.]

I saw Forrest McCullough several times growing up attending revivals. I was in high school the last time I saw him and commented to my mother that I thought he was a very troubled man. It was not long after that he took his life.

I grew up in the Bahamas where I heard Flight Final played every night over the radio; it always made me uneasy at that time which I realized later in life that it was Godly fear and reverence; I always remembered Flight Final when I contemplated backsliding; thank God For Rev Mccullough and Dr. Russell I would like to re-use this anointed piece during sermons Praise God!

i recently found several copies of this SEALED PERFECT condition in Tennessee.

i have one listed on ebay right now starting at 1 cent
if anyone is interested in a perfect sealed copy let me know
you can find me on ebay under recordfred
or email me thru my website gratefulfredmusic.com

I too knew Forrest from 60’s church camp
in Iowa….I once quoted the 1st Psalm on stage with him at the age of about 8 years old…I really thought I was somebody….I’ll never forget the morning my father woke me to tell me of his death…I was devastated…My hero was dead…

I would be interested in locating Dan Wenworth, who made a comment on February 25, 2011, when he said that he had created a “slide presentation” to go along with the recorded message of Flight F-I-N-A-L. I would love to get a copy of his slide presentation. If a DVD has been made, I would be interested in purchasing a copy. The recording has a very touching and inspiring message.

What a shame that the file is NO Longer Available at the rapidshare webpage.

I heard a little of the audio on my local radio station overnight and I found it intriguing indeed and would love to see or hear the entire recording.

i also heard the recording on ABC radio.

Does someone in Australia have the full recording of this remarkable piece of work? I’d love a copy.

I love this presentation and it is only unplesant to those who do not believe

This album was the inspiration for Howard FInsters Queen Henrietta, he played it while he worked in the late 70s.

I have followed Howards work for over 30 years, I had a visit with him in 1980. I never knew until now the name of the record he was listening to it left me a strange feeling. now that I have heard it today it brings back so many good feeling. If anyone has an etching of queen heneretta preferable signed by howard I would pay a far price. have seen many in museums but none for sale. noreserve1954@aol.com

so good, tx you

Please direct me to where I can purchase directly a record or better yet a CD or MP3 of Flight Final. I have not heard this since I was a child. Now that I am older, saved and called to preach , it would mean a lot to me to obtain a recording of this extraordinary work. God bless you.

I would still be interested in getting a DVD of this Flight Final…

It is a very touching experience to listen to this.

God bless you for making this information available. Please let me know if there is yet a DVD available?? Thank you.

Picked up a very good copy at a yard sale in Greenwich Village New York last weekend. Brought it back to San Francisco and enjoyed the journey.

I’d like a link to this audio to share with my Saved as well as my Unsaved friends. Hopefully all would benefit. I don’t think I can get all/most to buy this recording.

What is the main goal … Salvation or profits?

If responding by email please put in Subject line – Flight F-I-N-A-L so I don’t treat it as spam. Thank you!

I have the original LP Album and remember listening to this when I was a child.

I found the recordings here:

Side A – http://www.divshare.com/download/11361870-44e
Side B – http://www.divshare.com/download/11361951-2ae


Seems like another one of those evangelism tools that people who grew up Christian in a certain era remember fondly and that people who did not grow up Christian encounter and think Christians are a bunch of weirdos.

Could someone just get me the lyrics?

I first heard flight f-I-n-a-l in the late 60s. I was on the expressway and was supposed to get off at the next exit.I got so wrapped up in listening to it by the time it went off I was 50 miles past where I was going. As soon as I got home I ordered two copies; one for me and one for my mother; we both loved it. I was very inspirational.

I grew up listening to mine as a Christian teen,and it made an eternal etch in my soul. My brother is a band director at Maranatha Baptist Bible College in WI. He has made a couple of CD’s of his band for the school. Knowing my brothers heart and standards of work, I decided to present a copy of the record as I would like a CD and MP3 available. He could put this together…wether w/his school or otherwise. I’m ready now to order the one online as he’s coming in a couple of wks. to our MI home. I also would like to use a song from it at my funeral. Prayers appreciated. The comments here encouraged me.

Absoluter genialer Artikel. Werde jetzt öfter die Seite besuchen Vielen Dank und Grüsse aus Köln

I remember as a little girl in early 70’s listening to this it was awesome then and now my grand kids can listen to it too! It might help them as both my parents passed away just last year, about 5 month’s apart, my grand kids thought their great GeGe and Grand=dad were the best on the face of the earth.
We still hae the album to enjoy.

Praise God! I’ve been looking for this play for a while.
It was performed at my church in the early seventies. We are having a church reunion and plan to redo the play for memories sake. If there is a paper version please forward to my email. Thanks!

I’m still thrill over many years gone by, to here this album.
one day I hope to update this album in modern time.
Kendal Knowles
Movie Producer.

I was in the USAF stationed in England when a preacher came and did a chalk drawing while playing FLIGHT F I N A L. Several were saved in that village. It was a great night. Wish I had it on CD.

I remember this album back in 1972.

We played this at my moms funeral service and I have heard it since I was a little girl often wondering is this what it will be like. We will only truly find out once we leave these earthly bodies and return to the realm of the spirits.

Found a copy of Flight FINAL on a cassette at my Mom’s house today that I dupped from an LP way back in the 70’s. It sounded great and will hopefully use it on my online station KCCSonline.net. Just found this “blog” regarding the production and it’s really something that this recording still has a following and is still a blessing! Praise God!

I found a copy of this, Flight F-I-N-A-L in a local charity shop in my home town of Haverhill Suffolk England in 1997.
when I first listened to it,I thought how weird. But as time has gone by I still play it even though I’m not religious in any way, this recorded work is fantastic. I have now converted
this vinyl into wav files which together with images from the sleeve, I will be posting on You tube soon.
Dedicated to the memory of Forrest McCullogh.

As mentioned in my last post to this site.
I’ve now up loaded Flight F-I-N-A-L in 3 parts to you tube.

I borrowed this record from my pastor back in Trinidad, in 1980 and made myself a copy until this day, an every time I listen to this cassette or share this with anyone, I always think I can face death, because I know He lives.

I searched and searched for this powerful drama which blessed my heart many years ago after I was put out my parents house for having accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. I was adopted at age 15 by my Pastor & First Lady.

My new mom went home to be with the Lord on Thursday 21st November, one day after my birthday and this whole drama played greatly on my mind.
I could only imagine the wonderful welcome she has received from the many saints who went before her this year and the years gone. She travelled extensively on preaching assignments and always came back, but this time she is gone very far and not coming back. Heaven will only be delighted to have her.