I have it on good authority that the title of this record is “Bremen Minstrels.” Apart from that, I can’t tell you much (shocker: I don’t speak Russian) except that this has to be the grooviest, funkiest kids record known to man. You will find yourself unconsciously humming these tunes tomorrow, perhaps over your morning cofee, while making that big presentation at the office, or indeed during the consummation of your martial vows. It’s that catchy. From Melodiya, the Soviet state-owned record monopoly.

A delightful album. Much obliged!

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Hi, jayKayEss!
Surfing on the internet, i`ve found this post. And i`m quite surprised to see it here, because not that often you can see a russian record, especially if this is a record for kids.
I`m from Russia and can provide some info on this record for us (moreover in my childhood i owned this record and used to listen it repitedly).
I can confirm that the record is titled “Bremen Minstrels” (or “Bremenskie Muzykanty” in russian). This was a some kind of “musical”, on the basis of which was realesed the cartoon of the same title in 1969.
The music was created by the very famous russian film and cartoon composer Gennadij Gladkov. Ans the lyrics was made by the children poet Yurij Entin. Perhaps you will be intrested to know that all the parts (except the princess role) sung by one man, famous russian actor Oleg Anofriev.
Also must to say that in 1973 there was a sequel of the cartoon named “On traces of Bremen Minstrels” with new music composed by G.Gladkov (not less catchy than this). But don`t know if it was released as OST on vynil or whatever.
Hope, this info was usefull.

Try to find volume two: On The Tracks Of Bremen Minstrels (Po Sledam Bremenskikh Musykantov! It contains a certain kinda song: a cynical parody on rock music and a great rock song simultaneously. There is a volume three too (made after perestroika and reflecting new realities of life here in Russia), but I have not heard it.
Ah, hell, a zemlyak of mine has told about the vol. 2 already. Well, a vynil exists, it seems.

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sorry to bother … but i simply cannot get this download to work … this beamr-site doesn’t work in any of my browsers … i always get to the registration screen … is there some work around?

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Yes this multfilm (cartoon) Parts#1&2 is available on DVD now: “Fairytales from Far Off Lands” distributed by in US. You can also buy hte CD’s and DVD’s at a Russian bookstore mall in Brighton Beach Brooklyn called St.Petersburg Books. This is an incredible store and has everything from books, dvd’s, cd’s etc. Hope this helps.

Any chance this can be re-uploaded (or beamr can be explained)?

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The movies are here:

Nicearticle about cartoons