Were it not for the amazing fashion sense of our favorite be-mulleted keytarist, this record would not be on here. Mr. Bugnon plays amazingly Muzak-esque jazz lite that will guarantee you will be begging for the music you usually listen to in elevators. Complete with synthesized handclap beats, fake whipcracks, that drum machine beat that sounds like someone bouncing a basketball in a gym, Alex Bugnon delivers a full array of sounds you haven’t heard since the 80s. He even uses that little chirping sound that my Casio-imitation keyboard makes to keep time! Oh yeah, and don’t forget the gratuitous use of cowbell. Over all of this synthesized cocktail, Alex plays his fabulous keytar.

This piece is called “Dance of the Ghosts,” and is a good example of A.B.’s keytar-hero madness.
Dance of the Ghosts

In “Human Epilogue,” there are some gospel singers which almost make up for the track’s spectacular un-funkiness. Almost.
Human Epilogue


“ladies, gaze upon my acid-washed package and I will woo you with my keytardedness”

HA HA HA! That caption wins.

lol…. my brain hurts

FUCK MEEEEEE that’s dreadful.

he sounds good and looks yummy, are you single???

LOL!!! Nope, I’m not too proud of this one. It still bothers me, even after twenty years.But those were the days. Anyway, thanks for the free publicity, I couldn’t have bought better :-) Alex

Hi Alex,

I received an invite for your upcoming show in Atlanta On Wednesday, July 2nd, hosted by Rene Miller from Smooth Jazz 107.5. Grand opening of the new Pearl Bistro and Bar. I will definitely try to make it have a great day

I had the unfortunate experience of going on a date with this “man” he had more personalities than I could count, and a bad temper to boot! A more self centered person I’ve never met. Mark my words. . .No one needs a date this bad.

…………DON’T agree with that one sister, I had an
awesome experience with this man, I won’t go into it with
details………maybe you just didn’t click???

Regret to admit that at least half of Bugnon’s music doesn’t do it for me (I have seven of his albums, all of which I was given). I however think SOME tracks from his “This Time Around” and “107 Degrees in the Shade” albums are masterpieces though!

Yes, I have to agree with the previous comment of this man is a real arrogant asshole!