Remember Dr. Ruth Westheimer? She’s the dwarf holocaust survivor who went from being an Israeli sniper in the 1950s to teaching us about “Good Sex” in the 1980s. She brought sex to the mainstream with her frankness and funny accent which everyone loved to mimic… I found this 45 at the Ithaca, NY Friends of the Library Book Sale several years ago. I was tickled, because not only was finding a rap song about Dr. Ruth too good to be true… but I went to high school with Laura Gersh, the Dr. Ruth impersonator on the record! She went from a rapping Dr. Ruth (she must have been 14 or 15 when this record was made) to playing the lead in a couple of school musicals, as I recall. Also, her mom was my guidance counsellor one year!

So, sit back and take in the Casio Tones and double entendres of this song. It’s really quite amazing. Don’t miss all the 80s references, like Madonna’s marriage to Sean Penn…
Dr. Ruth Rap

The B-side of this 7″ is The Hot Lunch Lady Blues, which was recorded live in the very same cafeteria where I ate lunch (or would be eating lunch, since I was too little for high school in 1985) every day.

Hot Lunch Lady Blues

Don’t forget to read the pun-tastic liner notes:


Great to come across this! I was, I confess, the guitarist for The Generic Band, and I had lost track of these recordings. But the internet never lets you forget for long.

Too Small? Or Too Young? Or, perhaps, Too Small AND Too Young?

I’m sorry I hot-linked to your MP3. I didn’t realize that was a problem for you until my technologically-superior husband explained it to me.

I would never want to cause pain to someone who showed me “Saturday Night Fiedler.”

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