Saturday Night Fiedler

from 1930 to 1979, Boston’s Native son Arthur Fiedler conducted the Boston Pops orchestra. In this time, he recorded a buttload of albums, including Fiedler on the Roof

and Irish Night at the Pops:

which both boast punny names and/or silly covers.However, the granddaddy of them all is Saturday Night Fiedler. In this album, Aahthah Fiedlah conducts disco arrangements of classical music pieces. *This* is why the man has a footbridge named after him (or did until recently when they pulled it down in the name of some construction project). Think “A Fifth of Beethoven” is good? Wait until you hear:

A Night on Disco Mountain!



contains booty-shaking interpretations of Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in g Minor” and “Air on a G String.” Perfect for your next Bach-analia, I know this piece has turned me into a total Bachamaniac.

Recorded in 1979, when Arthur Fiedler was 84 years old, this is the last album he ever made, and the first and last disco album the Boston Pops ever recorded. He died a month later. About this album, Fiedler says (on the back cover):

From the moment I conducted the “Saturday Night Fiedler” suite on television in May, I knew the youngsters had done it again: disco–a marvelous, insistently rhythmic dance form to which all manner of music can be adapted from Bach to the Bee Gees. And this span of musical poles truly accents the universality of music.


I honestly expected that Irish one to be called “Fiedler’s Green.”

Hahahah! That would have been awesome.

why not post the entire album – Fiedler’s stuff was pretty high quality

Can you repost your two Hawaiian files? Thanks.


please can you upload any disc of my grandfather please??

Here in chile i can´t buy his cd´s

I really apreciatte that.

PD: Is true, is my grandfather.


Why is the corrupted version of “Bachamania” all over the Internet? The MP3 that everybody uses is at 45rpm instead of 33.3rpm.

I’d post a corrected version myself, except I’m without a turntable or an 8-track player at this time. (I own both versions… I really am a Bachamaniac…)

Found this on another blog:

“Plus, accord­ing to Harry Ellis Dickson’s Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops: An Irrev­er­ent Mem­oir, Fiedler was too ill to con­duct at the record­ing ses­sions for this album. It was Dick­son him­self who wielded the baton.”

So this, technically, wasn’t AF’s last album of music. Being 1979, however, one can’t blame the album cover on Photoshop — that’s really Arthur in that suit and pose. No one can say he wasn’t a sport.