OK, well actually the WFMU record fair was last weekend.  And none of these is particularly new.  But the upshot is that I bought a ton of records– here’s some of the best tracks so far.  No photos yet, because I’m too lazy and I need sunlight to do it anyway.

Johnny Denis & Netta Rogers – Studio and Stage

A Vegas lounge act.  I was… surprised by the timbre of Netta Rogers’ voice.  The back of this record contains an apology: “We took out the comedy patter which we feel does not improve after continued playing and we do hope you will play our record more than once… please!”

Denis & Rogers – Purple People Eater

Dale McKenzie – Musically & Vocally Yours

Another lounge act, this time from Cleveland.  Dale “can adapt to any song of any era with tones of such sweet quality that you beg for more.”  The front of this record is signed  “To Deb, I hope you enjoy my humble efforts.”

Rockabye Your Baby – Dale McKenzie

Betty Bond Sings Pop

An album of “song-poems.”  Betty is more infamous for her ode to heroin addiction, Till Death Do Us Part (which you can hear here) but I was amused by this schlocky rip-off of Harper Valley PTA.  “Presently single, she has four children and has done secretarial work in addition to professional singing.”

Betty Bond – Big Boss Blues

Joe Barone and Lily Ann Carol Play For Their Friends

This album is subtitled “Live From Jupiter’s” and features Joe and Lily’s faces glued to shooting stars, orbiting a big orange planet.  Lilly sort of sounds like Cher crossed with Maya Rudolph doing Whitney Houston.

Barone & Carol – Old Black Magic

Come And Dance With The Tolmans to Johnny Brogan’s Orchestra

“For Ballroom Dancers and Musical Gourmets,” this record hails from Springfield, Massachusetts.  Ballroom Dancing records usually put me to sleep, but this whitebread version of One Note Samba drew me in with its hot dual guiro action.  I also wish I could show you Phyllis Tolman’s wig right now, which I absolutely promise to post a photo of at a later date.

Johnny Tolman’s Orchestra – One Note Samba

This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks!  More to come…

Re: Lilyann Carol & Joe Barone Sing for their Friends “Old Black Magic”

You might be interested to know the story behind this 1975 spoof of the Louie Prima/Keely Smith hit from 1959.

Lilyann originally started out as the very first vocalist with Louis Prima’s Orchestra back in 1940. (Her best known recording with him was “I’ll Walk Alone” in 1944)

She left Prima’s band in 1946 for a solo music career and was replaced by vocalists named Cathy Allen, Florida Keyes and in 1948 by Keely Smith.

Lilyann later formed a successful nightclub combo with her husband, saxophonist Joe Barone, who is heard on the “Live At Jupiter’s” LP.

To hear Lilyann’s low pitched, near perfect impression of Louie Prima’s vocal style on “Old Black Magic” is priceless, and, considering she worked with him for nearly 7 years in the 1940’s, she certainly captures his style! Her “tribute” version is a laugh riot, and to me one of the LP’s highlights.

Note that she also performs an updated arrangement of her most well known hit, “I’ll Walk Alone”.

I’ve been researching her life story and wonder whatever became of her after this LP. (She was born Lillian Kaufman in Brooklyn in 1922)


My father sang Lilyann Carol’s “I’ll Walk Alone” to me all the time we grew up, including her signature ending–“You know that I won’t walk around with anyone else but you–I’ll walk alone.”

This afternoon(February 17, 2008) our Sunday music group has been learning this song, because it seems to be one on the endangered specis list.

I found the mention on your site while searching for my father and his friends to double-check the lyrics we have for the song.

Janet Riehl

I recently learned that Lilyann Carol passed away around 1999 or 2000 from cancer.
She and her husband Joe Barone continued to perform music together up until the 1980’s in and around the New York and New Jersey area. This LP, Live at Jupiter’s, is apparently her last recording.


I was a huge fan of Joe Barone & Lilay Ann Carol theu used to play a small nitespot in Corona Queens. New York calle d the Camelia Room
And also The Skylight Motel in Queens, New York
I believe the years were somewhere ariound the mid 80’s
She sang a song called Never Let me go * Souviners that were the best
Also their redention of That Old Black Magic was the best

For more information and music from Lily Ann Carol, please visit my blog post about her at Music For Every Mood. It can be found here:


This is Dale McKenzie, and honestly I’m not surprised this is on here – that was the worst album ever recorded. I was 23 I think at the time, 60 minutes in the studio, made 10 copies, sold none, gave away 5. How you found one is beyond me…Enjoy lol. What an honor to be on the Unpleasant website…

Lily ann ,sang in a club on LI ny in the 1956,57 she sang with JAN RAY ,frank parmer john perry ,joe colman.the club was the top hat i went there ever week end. they were great.

Did Lily Ann Carol ever record, “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Never Let Me Go?”

Joe and Lily were the best lounge ( beyond lounge) act , ever ! I had both the privilege and pleasure to have known them from our years together at Jilly’s in NYC and the many trips to AC with their friends and family to see Sinatra. Joe and Lily were simply the most generous people and their spirit was amazing. They enjoyed the intimate moments with family and friends the most. May their wonderful memories live on forever … Xo Charlie M.