I honestly cannot think of anything snarky to say about this album– any joke I might crack would pale in comparison to the sheer horror of it all. ┬áThe track below starts out fairly mild, but give it a few and I guarantee it won’t disappoint.

I Got Rhythm

Get it here…

For most of this “song” it sounds like they cut a old Ethel Merman recording down to the vocal track, then spliced in this middling disco crud….that is until Merman holds that note near the end, THEN it fits the backing track. Speaking of paste jobs, I love how her photo levitates over that triple-exposure of disco lights and shes got a male hand (!) jutting out of the right side of the picture, holding a fedora (!!). Is that supposed to be a dancer; did she make a Vegas act out of this?

what a lovely vintage disco funky tune a sort of thing you would hear during the ’70s. i think Ethel Merman is one of a kind great performer, a great voice. more powers

It’s kind of a fun album. Not as bad as one might think.

Thanks for this. Been looking for it for a long time. Still hope to find the vinyl one day.

The track below starts out fairly mild— very mild more like, but when it got-going WOW A COOL Track..?