I have it on good authority that the title of this record is “Bremen Minstrels.” Apart from that, I can’t tell you much (shocker: I don’t speak Russian) except that this has to be the grooviest, funkiest kids record known to man. You will find yourself unconsciously humming these tunes tomorrow, perhaps over your morning cofee, while making that big presentation at the office, or indeed during the consummation of your martial vows. It’s that catchy. From Melodiya, the Soviet state-owned record monopoly.


Rap with gas over at 365Days.


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America, 1965! Lots of nice people! Menfolks, and womenfolks! Old folks and young folks, with lots of in-between folks. Tall people and short people, with lots of neither one people. Some are happy, others sad. But, men or women, old or young, tall or short, happy or sad, they all keep you in the People Business– where the money is!

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That darn soul been bothering you again? Doctor Superhelga prescribes these 29 tracks of auditory goodness, featuring favorite Myrna March. For internal use only.


Here’s an amazing little bit of ephemera I found at a junk store on Canal St. for 25 cents. It’s your very special day, as only Modern Bride can deliver it– third class!

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Every now and then I have to stop and pay homage to Great Album Cover Art. After all, the point of album cover art is to suck the viewer in and make him or her buy the album. This cover is a prime example of good album art. One glance, and I was forking over the $2.00 at the Salvation Army for this masterpiece. You won’t find Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, conducted by Ernest Ansermet with L’Orchestre de la Suisse Romande in any Rolling Stone’s 500 Zilion Greatest Album Covers of All Time list, but in my opinion, this is the greatest album cover ever made. Move over Sgt. Pepper, move over Dark Side of the Moon, Le Sacre du Printemps is in town, and it’s going to ritualistically prance all over your butts.

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These Boston boys gratuitously misuse images of Smurfs on their album cover. This album has absolutely nothing to with Smurfs, however– it’s a folksy rendering of some traditional Irish songs and tunes, and a couple of original pieces as well.

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The Life Album of Presidential Campaign Songs (1964)


Life was so much simpler before TV and radio took over political campaigns. Back in the Olden Days, candidates relied on songs to help them get the word out and get elected. Imagine if that were still true– would Clinton have been elected on the strength of Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop Thinkin’ About Tomorrow?” I doubt it.

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When I hear the name “Spiro Agnew,” the first thing that comes to mind is the fact it’s an anagram for “grow a penis.” Thus said, aside from the fact that he was the VP under Nixon, I know absolutely nothing about the man.

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